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Me & Origami

Maciej Błaszak


hat's how I look like


BORN: 25 August 1975 in Poznan, POLAND
EDUCATION: University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan,
Faculty of Chemistry. Degree in 1999, paper on: "Photochemical reactions of 5'-halogenated uracil and uridine with aromatic amminoacids".
OCCUPATION: mainly origami
OTHER ACTIVITIES: history of chemistry

It all started with one book I got from my parents (just to keep me busy). Later I found few more models published in Poland. That was pure fun.

In 1995 I've started the co-operation with Polish-Japanese Association Poznan Branch (Mr Robert Szober) the organizers of Japanese Days in Poznan. They needed someone to show the Origami and I was the one.

1995-10-01 Exhibition of Origami - high school - Pila,

1996-04-01 Origami presentation and course - LO V - Poznań (honoured by the Ministry of Japanese embassy)

1996-04-08 Public TV Poznan - Japanese Day in PTV, decoration of the studio, interview,

1996-10-25 Japanese Evening of Wieniawski Violin Contest in Poznan - exhibition of origami and oribina, speech about Origami,

1997-01-19 "Origami school for children" in Carnival action - Centre of Culture "Zamek"- Poznan,

1997-04-05 "Origami" Exhibition of origami and oribina during the Japanese Days - Museum of H. Sienkiewicz, Poznan,

rhino.jpgphoto:P. Graf (Gazeta Wyborcza 97-04-09)

1997-05-18 "Origami" Exhibition of origami and oribina-Museum in Śrem,

1997-05-31 Origami presentation in Dabrowa,

1998-01-23 "Origami" Exhibition of origami and oribina-Museum in Belchatów,

1998- March and April - Origami models for kids Weekly in the newspaper GAZETA WYBORCZA. (my first origami published)kur1.jpg




2000-05-15 "Oribina" Exhibition - Museum of H. Sienkiewicz, Poznan during the Japanese Days

2001-09 Exhibition during the Unprofesional Art Festival - Poznan

2002-05-29 - 06-20 Exhibition "Japanese Paper Dolls Hajime Watanabe/Maciej Błaszak - Museum of H. Sienkiewicz, Poznan,  (check the photos from this exhibition)   during the Japanese Days


in Origami Exhibition

Poznan 2003 

Show your origami.




We are proud to announce, that Japanese Embassy in Warsaw, became an honorary parton of our exhibition


We finally have our logo. It'll propably change a bit - we are going to add the title in japanese. I hope You like it.

Thanks for all the applications for our next exhibition. There is still a lot of room to fill, so don't be shy show us your works.

We are looking for logo for our exhibition. If You have any idea please contact.

We'd be grateful for spreading the news about our project among the folders You know.

We'd like to ask all the origami organizations worldwide to publish a brief info about the exhibition in their newsletters. Thanks in advance.